Artist Brushes

Our Wild Plein travel watercolor brushes are designed to inspire and connect exploration and adventure!

There were days when we were holding other companies travel brushes in our hands and thinking... what a dull experience.

  • Either too flimsy
  • Too bulky
  • Too gaudy

With no real connection to this instrument in our hand.

Yes, a simple $2 brush is capable of creating a watercolor painting, just as much as a $50 brush, but we knew something was missing.

The goal of watercolor and sketching is to consistently paint every day. 

And an inspiring way for us to continue our practice was to always connect the brush in our hand with the muse in our mind.

With our adventure-themed artist brushes, every day can be a grand journey with these collapsible brush sets in hand.

So far, the Cheetah Series kolinsky sable brushes, have been just the inspiration we needed to take us right back to memorable experiences en plein air on those mundane days while we sit and practice our sketches in a coffee shop when we can't make it into the wild!

Future variations of brushes will include:

  • Natural hair tufts, as well as
  • Synthetic because they all have their purpose.
  • Natural hair for excellent water retention and color/pigment distribution, snappiness and a softer feel on paper.
  • And synthetic for a guaranteed sharp point and ease of care, able to deliver quick punches of color¬†in your paintings.¬†

And of course, our pressure fit connection for travel with a wider mouth to better prevent damaging the brush tuft, while also keeping the brush diameter in a more natural (pen-like) handle diameter, as opposed to screw-type travel brushes that have a slightly more precarious enclosure for brush head storage and a fatter (marker-like) handle diameter that can fatigue the hand more quickly.  

Watercolor painting is about exploration  so please enjoy exploring what Wild Plein artist brushes have to offer and continue to test and compare other companies offerings to find what is best for you.