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Wild Plein Kolinsky Sable Blend Watercolor Travel Brush Set (SOLD OUT)

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[That's A Wrap: Cheetah Series are all sold out. Unfortunately, we will not be restocking these if you're looking to be notified of a restock.

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Wild Plein kolinsky sable watercolor brushes are manufactured with an aluminum base and a protective coating to ensure a long life for your travel watercolor adventures. Using lightweight materials to combine the consistent hand flow with the flick of a traditional wooden handled brush, these stylish cheetah patterned brushes are manufactured with the professional in mind. The brush tuft blend of kolinsky sable and hog hair was chosen to extend the lifetime performance and maintenance of your brushes from a traditionally softer brush feel found in 100% kolinsky brushes. 

This blend will maintain a tight snappy pointed round for specific detail in your watercolor paintings and sketches while delivering generous washes when required. Our brush tuft blend also allows for the soft swipes and flow that will allow your brush "to dance," if you will, on the paper medium. Your pointed-round brush set will provide a full range to meet your artistic needs. Round watercolor brush kit includes: brush size #2 #4 #6 #8 #10 #12.

We have been pleased with our testing for water retention, color dispersion, and fine detail that we know you will enjoy our brand of paint brushes. Packaged as a gift set in mind (even if it's just for you, we won't tell). Once you're ready to explore, a custom faux leather brush roll lies inside for the complete six brush watercolor field set and ready to hold the essentials of your urban sketching and wild watercolor painting adventures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kathy Pyeatt
Best Travel Brushes

The very best travel brushes on the market, so good in fact, I use them at my home studio as well. The case is good even though it is not leather, it has all one needs in a case. Love the compass. For plein air painters, these are the best! FABULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WEBSITE!

Thanks for the kind words! We work our hardest to make sure you're happy! Looking forward to creating our next generation with your feedback!

Craig Potter
Come back to a point after painting !

I love these little suckers! They always come back to a point, very important! I take them to Starbucks and do little paintings. So fun!

Great to hear you're making use of them! Would love to see some of your Starbucks creations! And yes, a sharp point makes line work so easy and fluid.

Ruth Green
Nice set but...

Although fully aware of what I was purchasing I do wish they had made the case out of real leather. They have used particularly cheap looking faux leather. I also wish they would swap out a couple of brushes for a rigger and maybe a 1/4' flat. Would make it far more useful as a true field set. However the brushes are nice quality and fit the holders well for the most part although be warned they are more the length you would expect of an oil brush than a water color brush.

Would make a great gift item because they do look special and I suspect the cheapness of the case would be overlooked by most. The important part, the bristles themselves are very nice and handle well.

Hi Ruth, Thanks for the helpful points. Just out of curiosity is there a specific length you prefer working with for your hand? I suppose one of the caveats of the given length may be the requirement to fit the brush inside the extension handle, but as they are fairly precision fit to accommodate the length of the brush end, there may only be so much room (.5cm- 1cm) to potentially remove if they were shorter and without affecting the brush tuft lengths or potentially damaging the brush tuft.

For any other watercolor adventurers reading this, current brush lengths in the open position are between smallest (Size #2 & 4) 18.5 cm - 22 cm (Size #10 & 12).

We're considering (as complements/extensions to) sets for the future with additional brush options such as finer details sizes 000, 00, 1, a rigger, and potentially a flat brush. For our custom brush roll case, we spent time on design with both the faux leather and real leather, but for this initial set (Cheetah Series) we decided the more nimble and flexible faux leather fit the packaging and offering best, as the real leather was bulky within our plein air kits.

When we get closer to releasing some of the new featured brushes we'd be glad to have you test them out for us! Feel free to keep up with us!

Happy painting! - Ryan.

Kelly Robinson
Awesome Set -- Awesome Quality

I received my set this week and they are beautiful, high quality brushes. I couldn't be more pleased with them. They have nicer points than the pictures show. I really only wanted a size 10 or 12 sable travel brush since I already have a few travel brushes in various smalleer sizes but the other brands are very expensive for a single large brush. For the price of one of them, I got this whole set of six(!) in different sizes and they are of comparable quality to the other sable travel brushes that I have (Escoda, Connoisseur, and Da Vinci sable brushes) . I like the cheetah print too; the brushes are rather elegant looking. The smallest one has rather long bristles and looks like it could well be used as a liner brush and for detail work.

The carrying case is not leather of course, but it is fairly nice. There is room to slip a few more travel brushes in the slots if you are so inclined.

Bambi Lynn Branchfield
A+ customers service and value

Excellent product for the price. A touch soft for my taste, but the product is well made and I had a great customer service experience with the company.