Wild Plein Site & Travel watercolor brushes frequently asked questions:

 1.) Do we ship internationally? 

Yes, we do ship around the world through Global Export in our Amazon.com Store. Due to the ease of customs reporting our Amazon store is best suited for our international artists ready to purchase. You can do so through this link here.

 2.) Hey, where did my Spin-to-Win (spin to win) Coupon Code go?

Accidentally, closed your spin to win code? We're still working on the automation to instantly apply the code to your Cart, but until then you can always check your email. Your input is immediately emailed to your inbox (and sometimes your SPAM folder, so check there as well if you don't see it).

As a last resort feel free to email us or reach out on our Facebook Chat and we can quickly text/email your unique code to you. Our apologies for any inconvenience.