Wild Plein Journals & Travel watercolor brushes frequently asked questions:

Yes we do. If you find the shipping calculation is higher than normal to your country, please reach out directly to hello@wildplein.com. We may be able to find a less expensive solution. [Typical Canadian shipping is around $15 for most products. For Australia $25-30 up to 2lbs] 

[Products currently not available through AMAZON. Yes, we do ship around the world through Global Export in our Amazon.com Store. Due to the ease of customs reporting our Amazon store is best suited for our international artists ready to purchase. You can do so through this link here.]

US Holiday Coupon Codes - Couponing is not our typical mode of business, but we do want to occasionally promote and get new art products into you and your fellow painters hands.

Typical coupon will appear onscreen such as MEMO2_XXXXXXX as a unique code to your first signup. We also send out a followup email for you coupon code in case the popup screen closed on you. Didn't get either? Email us at hello@wildplein.com and we will retrieve your code for you. 

10% Signup Coupon Code - VALID for 72 HOURS after signup.

For 1st time customers, who signed up for our Weekly Watercolor Newsletter, you're coupon is immediately mailed out to you at the same time it is creating your unique code on screen once you hit enter.

You should see something that looks like WELCOME10_XXXXXXX ("X" being a randomly generated number.) 

Your input is immediately emailed to your inbox (and sometimes your SPAM folder, so check there as well if you don't see it).

As a last resort feel free to email us or reach out on our Facebook Chat and we can quickly text/email your unique code to you which gets stored in our system. Our apologies for any inconvenience. 

We've been working really hard to factor in reasonable shipping for you Adventurers. The reality is shipping is never free, it's either factored into the price and hidden as FREE SHIPPING, or it has a REAL increasing cost as the weight of the shipment goes up. We do our best to be fair & honest, and stay in business for you. 

We've finally settled on flat rates in the US at:

- $5 for everything under 1lb (brushes), and

- $6 1lb+ up to 3lbs (journals/paper).

We just don't want you to feel overwhelmed with a huge added cost, but we do want to be honest about this reality of delivering your artist goods.

If you believe you have an incorrect shipping charge/calculation to your location, please contact us through hello@wildplein.com and we can quickly address your order number.

Please contact us through hello@wildplein.com and we can quickly address your order.