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Factory 2nds - Cheetah Series - 6 Brush Set (no case)

Only Brushes

Our Cheetah Brushes are carefully selected from our production line, but sometimes there are brushes that don't perfectly meet spec. We have completed our Cheetah Series limited sets, and what remains are considered Factory 2nds.

Issues that occur such as glue overflows, convex pressure points too thin or missing entirely (causing a loose fitting), chips in the lacquered wood handle, smudged logo and/or brush #, crimps in the ferrule, dents and/or scratches in ferrule, dents in the cover handle, slight angle off-setting/gluing of the brush end.

One or all of these possible imperfections may be contained in each brush, but all brushes within our Factory 2nds will have intact brush tufts that will perform for many years with proper care. 

*** We no longer have any of the faux-leather cases and the brushes will be packaged as a free set, encased only in cardboard and cellophane wrapping.

Our final inspection before shipment ensures brush tufts are resealed in new gum arabic to maintain their points until they’re in your hands. On occasion there may be remnants of gum arabic left on the ferrule, that can easily be wiped off upon first use with water (or alcohol/cleaner if the buildup is persistent).

Bottom line, most Factory 2nd customers have trouble spotting these particular issues listed above without a keen eye and have been pleased with their brush sets.

We hope you will enjoy using your Cheetah Series - Factory 2nds sets for many years of adventures!

[ IMPORTANT: Factory 2nds brushes will be packaged as a free set, encased only in cardboard and cellophane wrapping. No Canister & no faux leather brush case.

All Sales are FINAL... unless you experience some serious defect you feel is outside the range of the description above, otherwise contact us immediately and we can provide a remedy.]

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Great for Liveaboard Boaters

This set (of 2nds!) have been aboard for over a year and are now my fav brushes. Great for going out on deck to paint a sketch of a lovely sunset when at anchor, or ashore to capture a lighthouse scene ( one or 2 of these brushes, with my mint tin of paint & bits of paper, are small enough to fit in a pocket under a lifevest when dinghying or kayaking ashore). Soft & responsive, good for detail, and are well protected as travel brushes with the handle-case. I use the 2 & 4 mostly as my typical paper size is 4 x 6 or smaller. The surface of the handle-cases are holding up (fun cheetah spot pattern!) and only one brush has developed a wiggle when in the handle-after a year + of bouncing around in the boat & my art bag & lots of briny air. I do make sure I let the brush dry out fully before storing for any length of time (as I do my non-travel brushes). This was my first set of travel brushes, honestly my first set of really good brushes, and I'm so glad I found these - now that we're back in port and on terra firma for a while I find I'm using these brushes as often as my regular brushes. As 2nds the case wasn't included, but I already had a travel art bag and these fit in very well. Perhaps not perfect, with a stray hair, imperfect finish, or wiggly in the handle, but I'm very pleased and enjoy using them.

Joy C
Wildly Happy

My first sable brushes. Well, all my others have gone into retirement. Except a large flat and a dagger. These feel good, hold water, hold a great point, and look good! An art supply trading friend told me she'd bring these to a paint out. She's never steered me wrong about supplies. So I ordered a set. Seconds? Can't find a flaw. Thanks so much for my new best tools. Note: I have a fabric eyeglass case with a velcro flap. I folded the bottom up about an inch and secured it with handstitching. Perfect case for all six.

Jennifer R.
Lovely! Such a joy to paint with. I could not find any reason for these brushes to be considered ...

These brushes are a joy to use. They perform better than my red sable from Rosemary & co.

Thank you Jennifer!
That's kind of you to say. We're excited they're working out so well for you. Keep on painting!

Kim M.
Nothing wrong with these so-called "factory seconds"

These brushes have no imperfections that I can find, and I've really looked! They hold water and reshape to a point very well. The price for 6 travel brushes was reasonable, too!

We're excited they're in your hands. Glad you found them to your liking and we're looking forward to seeing some of your adventures in watercolor! Thanks, Kim.

Karen Sawicki
great product

great product. fast shipping. would buy from again. brushes were great quality.