We wake up every morning asking, “how do we help people get outside to sketch and paint with watercolor?” It’s really that simple.


Can you think back to that time when you found yourself in an art store...

Maybe even a large chain art store, pondering over a good starter set of inexpensive brushes for watercolor?

...Where you are standing in the aisle with your hand grabbing at the $5 or $10 starter pack of brushes, and on the other side of the aisle staring at a rack of supplies labeled "artist grade brushes" displayed with varying difficulty level-numbers (1,2,3)?

...and corresponding, ever-increasing prices?

What else will I need for my painting kit?

How will I travel with these?

Well, maybe you're already a gifted painter and you've been here years ago, but this began the evolution into watercolor for Wild Plein adventure travel brushes. This is our story. And we thought you’d relate.

From the bottom of the barrel brushes to top of the line, we think we've created a happy medium and a uniquely designed travel brush style that will keep inspiring you to use them every day (or at least every week... slackers).

But then you have your brushes, what next? Which watercolor paints? Which palette? Which paper and journal? What else will I need to complete my watercolor travel kit? 

Slowly but surely we will continue to create the watercolor art supplies that we have wished were offered out there, but we were never able to locate. 

There are many resources out there and we hope you use what you find valuable. But we will create guides where we see there are no answers better than our own. So check out our Wild Plein blog on occasion and feel free to shoot us any questions you may have trouble finding an answer for.  


Do you live near Corpus Christi? Will you be traveling to Coastal Bend Texas? Or will you be visiting close by in the near future?

(Coming Soon)

Check out our AirBNB experience here at the coast in Rockport, TX.

  • We'd love to show you around our home base
  • Give you a little history of the area
  • And, of course, test out some Wild Plein brushes and upcoming products while we watercolor out here in the wild with you.