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Patty Edge Instagram


Patty Edge sketches the places she loves...

Patty's style embraces a mix of watercolor artists from different backgrounds, and it's been fun to watch her progress through encapsulating techniques into her own works.

One recently you may recognize from@ianfennelly

Dramatic scenes are created with the use of distinct pen marks and vivid pigments that are loose, but carefully placed to add visual interest to often technical architectural scenery.

Whew... a bit of a mouthful.

Simply put these are eye-pleasing works that capture a heck-of-a-lot of detail.

I think we could all learn a thing or two from such a thorough watercolor sketching course.

Take a look at Urban Sketch Course

We can tell just from Patty's experience you'll enhance your painting by learning to mix cleaner colors 🍭, where to better place 🥢 color, details, & texture, and how to stay loose 🍃 and create unique 👁️ perspectives.

?? We asked her what she thought might help expectations for other painters taking such a course...

To which she replied, "...it's real time. You can go over and watch it again at a later stage if you forget things. Often there are so many ideas to remember you forget some. The videos are full length so you see the full technique and Ian's take about his reasons and choices."

Ultimately we think it's another great tool to challenge yourself to take a closer look at the world around you to capture details in a new light.

🥰 😱    M O N D A Y    2 . 10 . 20   😱​ 🥰 


Shari Blaukopf: Sketching the City - MyBluPrint Course

Shari Blaukopf : Sketching Landscapes - MyBluPrint Course

 Looking back I'm sure we first learned of Shari through two popular courses: Sketching the City in Pen, Ink & Watercolor and Sketching Landscapes in Pen, Ink, & Watercolor.


Shari Blaukopf sketches everyday and everywhere...

If you've studied watercolor sketching for a minute, than surely you've crossed paths with Shari Blaukopf.

Between Urban Sketching, traveling, authoring books, showcasing a variety of online courses, she has likely influenced some part of your sketching world, or the world of other sketchers that influence you.

To us she is well versed in so many aspects of watercolor and painting environments that we know she can simplify and showcase the essence of any scene, which is why we always keepan eye on what she's up to.

She has experienced all the trials and tribulations of learning that we all must go through (or will go through).

As she states "My true love has always been watercolour. I started painting as an adolescent, travelled to many places, took lots of workshops and then put my paints away for a long time. I am thrilled to have dusted off my brushes and to have the opportunity to share my work."

Learning online is fun and easy, but you may want to step up your game and learn from Shari in person at one of here many workshops here in US, Canada or even Costa Brava, Spain in June.

Have a look before they all sell out.

There is even a 5-day Urban Sketching retreat in July in La Pointe, WI with a few other well-known sketchers (Paul Heaston, Uma Kelkar, and James Richards)

Click through to: See more of her paintings & sketches


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Angela Fehr Youtube: Creative Blocks

Angela Fehr encourages you to explore your own style

There are two sides to watercolor appreciation.

  1. One in which you fawn over how amazing a painting looks and the style in which it is created (like the master above.)
  2. And two the realization that your recreation doesn't quite reflect that same style.

I'm not saying that this is always the case, but the gap between years of skill and where I may be currently can be deceiving when it comes to mimicking a style that I find interesting to learn.

So much so, that I put the brushes down for a bit and don't quite achieve what I intended.

Well here Angela explains a way to get over this creative block and keep pushing ahead.

Push against the fear from not starting.

Or not continuing to just make a mark on a fresh sheet of watercolor paper.

As she says,"Log a lot of brush miles."


[*** Here's a link to her free 3-day beginner workshop]

It ends today (2/1), but if you signup today you'll get the recording.

🗓️🎨🎯    T H U R S D A Y    1 . 9 . 20    

Art Goals for 2020?

Have you made any commitments to yourself and your artwork this year?

2019 for Rari & I was simply painting MORE.

More sketches, more people, more buildings, more landscapes, more color,more ink, more AirBNB experiences to paint with others.

You can click through the image below to see our 2019 Recap.

2019 Wild Plein Recap Instagram


2020 is refining our own styles.

Dave Chappelle's Mark Twain Prize speech recently revived a quote from Myles Davis...

"It took me years to learn how play like myself."

[He actually said:"Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself."]

And for us and you alike, it may take years to learn to paint like ourselves, but we continue to watch & emulate other artists' styles we love so much, when we just might need to embrace the way we see things.

There are so many interesting techniques that we try to introduce ourselves to and to not get stuck in doing that same thing all the time. It's a balancing act for sure.

Focusing on a single style means more painting gets done vs testing new techniques means our creativity expands (but it may be slower going.)

This is one of the reasons we love the ability to remove and reload new sheets into our discbound journals. Sometimes the first go around doesn't work out. --

Hopefully you have subscribed to some of our previous artist suggestions.

Liron Yanconsky loaded up a great focused goal list for his art that may get you thinking about what you'd like to accomplish this year. Click through here or the image below.

What's your big ART GOAL? How can we help you? Email us:hello@wildplein.com

2019 Wild Plein Recap Instagram

Mark Crilley Illustration Line Work

Mark Crilley compares 3 methods of lining your sketches

Mark is an illustrator, educator, and author of 40+ books on drawing. Here he offers a great exercise to show the power of line work in your paintings.

  • Dominated by just color
  • What happens when you add lines, everywhere you could add lines?
  • Broken and weighted selective lines.

Click through to: Enhance your decision making process

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Rae Andrews Youtube

Rae Andrews gets wild about color.

If you've caught a glimpse of Rae Andrews recent sketches on Instagram then you know her use of color is one of the best.

So vibrant and fun, paired with unique angular buildings as of late, you immediately want to visit the places she's painting.

As she calls it a deliberate distortion of the scene; we always look forward to wherever she is traveling next.

Rae just happens to hail from Sydney Australia, with a 12 year stopover in Maui, and now resides in Texas. She's previously owned a 400-student art school on the beaches of Sydney and two galleries in Maui. Pretty sure she has a healthy passion for art.

She also has an upcoming watercolor course she's hosting in Portugal next October. Not the least expensive, but it includes accommodations and you will for sure learn a thing or two. There may still be some spots availablehere.

We're glad she has started sharing some of her process on YouTube as well. Here's a great video below for you to get a little intro into her love of color. Subscribe!

☂️🌨️    W E D N E S D A Y    12 . 4 . 1 9 


Living here on the Central Coast of Oregon we have our share of weather from sunny and mild to chilly and gusty wind.

But then we also have every variety of rain you can think of.

So this week we just wanted to showcase a variety of YouTube tutorials for the rain, mist, fog, snow, because we're sure you're encountering it this time of year as well.

Enjoy the variety of techniques and email us to let us know which ones were new to you.

Misty Fog Trees and Mountains

Maria Raczynska Youtube

Create Depth & Simplicity

Liron Yanconsky Snow Depth

Rainy Day Scene

Tim Wilmot Youtube

Sea Fog Sailboats

Uffe Boesen Sea Fog

Rainy Day Two

Tim Wilmot Youtube

Transparent Early Snow

Rick Surowicz Early Snow

🚶‍♂️🏃🏾‍♀️       S A T U R D A Y    11 . 16 . 1 9       🕺🏿💃


Youtube Kasiq - Fashion Tutorial

South Korea

Luckily, Kasiq has been offering up a keen record of daily drawings for you to learn from.

You can also see a complete collection of his fashion illustrations here.


You'll likely be thinking, what we were thinking... "I sure could put a lot more detail in my people's clothing than I ever imagined."

Click through to : Subscribe to Kasiq's YouTube channel


⛵       T H U R S D A Y    11 . 7 . 1 9       🏖️


Youtube Teoh Yi Chie - 1-2 Color Sketch


Teoh Yi Chie shows some 1 or 2 color quick watercolor sketch techniques

Here he reviews the simple use of 1 or 2 colors in your sketch to ensure you finish your work in one sitting no matter how much time you have available.

Teoh runs a phenomenal YouTube channel, as well as ParkaBlogs.com, which coverssketching tips and techniques, art product and art book reviews, & watercolor and fountain pens for painting and drawing.

If you're heading to theUrban Sketcher Symposium 2020this April in Hong Kong, you're sure to cross paths with him. Registration opens in December.

He's reviewed our brushes in the past and we hope to keep sending him our new products to be reviewed in the future as well. But, if you're just learning about him, definitely click the Subscribe button on his YouTube page to keep up with his latest videos.

Click through to : Subscribe to Teoh Yi Chie's YouTube channel

🎃       T H U R S D A Y    10 . 31 . 1 9       👻


YouTube: Liron Yanconsky

YouTube: Liron Yanconsky


Liron Yanconsky wants to inspire you to have the courage to create (in watercolor and ink)

Liron is a very experienced painter who shares many advanced watercolor painting techniques, but no matter what level he has a tip that will profoundly change the way you paint.

This is a great video covering a technique on how to simplify the shadows and use temperature over values in order to convey depth and a sense of three-dimensionality. We think his conservation of white/light space with a dark, cool background fill ties right in with developing your shadow-y scenes.

Working simply in the shadows to emphasize the light.

Sounds like today's theme right?

Tons of YouTube lessons available for you. But when you're done with those he also has a new "Frustration-Free Watercolor Course" he has recently introduced for just $29.

Click through to : Subscribe to Liron's YouTube channel

F R I D A Y    10 . 18 . 1 9


Mind of Watercolor - Rock Studies


Surely you've crossed paths with Steve Mitchell: The Mind of Watercolor on Youtube

Steve covers so many watercolor topics in great detail, but we're focusing on his Two Watercolor Rock Studies...

...because rocks are ever-present here in Big Bear Lake, CA, and as we explained our fascination above with Delphine's coastlines. And in a moment you'll see why it was so important to Rari last week.

Steve Mitchell has covered endless aspects of the watercolor world, that you could literally type any subject matter and there is likely a video demonstrating such a topic. Who wouldn't be thankful for that?

Often when you're starting out in watercolor, you're basically on your own unless you're so lucky to have pursued any such pedigree in art or happen across a gathering of dedicated artist groups to show you the ropes. However, these might not be as accessible to you depending on where you are in the world.

So as a solo traveler on such a journey, this might be your best bet until you can venture out. Mind of Watercolor is always one of our first resources if we might be struggling with some aspect of our paintings. And learning about some new products as well. Check out his in-depth look at quality paper and you'll see exactly why all of our new Adventurers Journals carry 100% Cotton Stonehenge Aqua as our baseline.

If you're beyond familiar with Steve Mitchell, that is great, but if you're just discovering his YouTube channel, peruse through all the educational videos he's put together. We're sure after a few hours, you'll be wanting to say thank you. A great way would be through his Patreon site. https://www.patreon.com/mindofwatercolor

Click through to : Embrace the mind of watercolor

T H U R S D A Y   10 . 3 . 1 9
Marc Taro Holmes - Sketching in Motion


Marc Taro Holmes

Sketching People in Motion 

Marc Taro Holmes is originally a multi-media illustration artist who we first discovered years ago in the Urban Sketching world.

We never had the privilege of meeting him out on one of the Urban Sketching Symposium meetups over the years, but we consider ourselves lucky he's left quite a few sketching in watercolor and pen & ink breadcrumbs for all of us, Adventurers, to find.

This summer has been a fun experience for Rari & I painting in The Village here at Big Bear Lake, CA. There is never a shortage of interesting subjects walking, kneeling, running, whichever type of motion you can imagine... it's happening here on summer weekends.

If you previously used Craftsy.com, you probably know it's now called MyBluPrint.com. Well, Marc's course will quickly teach you how to sketch people in motion and help you know what to look for in a good captive subject that hopefully stays put long enough for you to get the major form, gestures, and character before galavanting off into the ether. From pencil sketch, to ink, to brush pen, to watercolor you will learn how to bring these subjects to life.

MyBluPrint.com is only $1 for your first month and $7.99 each following month. It's quite a steal compared to the $20-40 per class that Craftsy.com used to charge. Granted these videos may be a few years old now, there is always something in watercolor and mixed-media you'll find useful in teaching yourself.

Click through to: Access Marc's Sketching People in Motion course today.

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