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Wild Plein Kolinsky Sable Blend Watercolor Travel Brush Set

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Wild Plein kolinsky sable watercolor brushes are manufactured with an aluminum base and a protective coating to ensure a long life for your travel watercolor adventures. Using lightweight materials to combine the consistent hand flow with the flick of a traditional wooden handled brush, these stylish cheetah patterned brushes are manufactured with the professional in mind. The brush tuft blend of kolinsky sable and hog hair was chosen to extend the lifetime performance and maintenance of your brushes from a traditionally softer brush feel found in 100% kolinsky brushes. 

This blend will maintain a tight snappy pointed round for specific detail in your watercolor paintings and sketches while delivering generous washes when required. Our brush tuft blend also allows for the soft swipes and flow that will allow your brush "to dance," if you will, on the paper medium. Your pointed-round brush set will provide a full range to meet your artistic needs. Round watercolor brush kit includes: brush size #2 #4 #6 #8 #10 #12.

We have been pleased with our testing for water retention, color dispersion, and fine detail that we know you will enjoy our brand of paint brushes. Packaged as a gift set in mind (even if it's just for you, we won't tell). Once you're ready to explore, a custom faux leather brush roll lies inside for the complete six brush watercolor field set and ready to hold the essentials of your urban sketching and wild watercolor painting adventures.

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