Share The Love

Share the Love - Watercolor Journals & Art Supply Giveaway

Hey there Adventurers!

You've made the journey across. 👏 

I'm sure you're well aware that during these times it's tough to get out and paint with your friends and loved ones.

Whether a 🥾 friendly hike, 🏰 an Urban Sketcher group meetup, 🧑‍🎨 live painting courses, or ✈️ actual traveling with friends to paint your adventure.
We're all missing some of our favorite ways to paint.

One way that we here at Wild Plein thought we could help you is to

👐 "Share the Love!"💕

Wild Plein eGift cards - Stack of 5 - $50 cards
  • 1 of 5 - $50 dollar eGift cards will potentially be sent to your friend and/or loved one of your choosing, if they're randomly selected from the group of participants.
  • We'll let them (and you know) by next Thursday 4/30
  • You'll have until Wednesday 4/29 11:59PM to use the form below to nominate your friend or loved one.

We do our best to help in our local community, but one of the direct ways we can help you all is with sharing some art supplies.

It has been a tough time business-wise for us as well, but with #virtualsketch -ing and all the varieties of online painting we are able to enjoy with friends from all over the globe, we knew that we wanted to give you the opportunity to share the same love of painting with your dear ones.

So help us grow, and let us help you nominate a friend to receive 1 of the 5 - $50 gift cards so they can get to painting with you over Zoom or Facebook or Skype already!

Thanks again for sticking with us during these tough times. We hope you're remaining 🥗 healthy and 🧐 vigilant!

And thanks again for helping us spread the word of Wild Plein!


We will continue creating some beautifully crafted 🎨 🖌️📒 art supplies for you for many years to come!

  • 🤔 We've been spending a lot of these weeks in isolation thinking up greater ways to serve you into the future.
  • 🤝 Reaching out to existing partners to secure better arrangements
  • 🏹 And, sourcing new vendor partners to make your travel painting experience with us a one stop shop.
🤩 Stay tuned for some new releases, when we start opening up the world again!

(Having any trouble, just shoot me a message at

If you'd like to support us in advance you can also purchase your own eGift cards here.