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Havasupai Canteen - Adventurers 6x9" Watercolor Sketchbook

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Havasupai Canteen - 6x9" Rose Gold - Disc-Bound Adventurers Watercolor Journal

Where did you put it? You set it down didn’t you?

I told you, if you set it down, you wouldn’t be able to find it again.

The burnt reds and blues of the journal will blend right in to the rocks and water at Havasupai-that’s what I told you. Let this be a lesson to you! You might want to consider buying two journals... just in case. The glinting light off the rose-gold rings might be your only hope.

It’s an 8 mile hike down, and it is a steep 8 miles down, did you pack too much? They don’t call you an Adventurer for nothing.

The spagetti-os would be a romantic touch and the inflatable unicorn floaty is a must in the crystal blue water right?

One item that is completely necessary on a trip like this, is this watercolor journal.

How else will you document all of the beautiful places you are going to see?

But be warned! Whatever you do don’t set the journal down here.
  • Stylish and Sturdy 
    • Limited Edition, Colorfully-Patterned Cotton-Bound Covers
    • Hand bound & hand cut
    • Hand glued with acid-free Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive - PVA (polyvinyl acetate)
  • Perfect Packability 
    • 6 in. x 9 in. Size Slips right into any kit.
  • Cool, Crisp, Cotton Watercolor Paper
    • Acid-Free, Cold Pressed 100% Cotton Paper
    • 24 Sheets of pre-punched 140lb paper by Stonehenge Aqua
  • Remove, Reload, Reshuffle
    • Detachable Aluminum Disc-Binding with Pre-punched watercolor sheets.
    • Refillable paper varieties
    • Organize all your best sketches
    • Remove all your sub-par sketches 

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