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Estrella Roja - - Adventurers 6x9" Watercolor Sketchbook

Estrella Roja - 6x9" Silver - Disc-Bound Adventurers Watercolor Journal

This flamenco class is something else!

It must be the Spanish air, the heartbeat of Andalusia. 

It must be the handsome instructor, it must be this red dress, because you are dancing the flamenco like you’ve been dancing it your whole life! Tapping your feet and spinning like La Estrella Roja.

All eyes are on you… Wait a minute, why is everyone snickering?

Ok, so maybe you have the drama of a deflated balloon, the romance of a bowl of spaghetti-os. It’s ok if your coolest dance move is the robot and the only one who would vouch for your rhythm is your cat.

But grace… Yes, grace... you definitely have grace, you are a watercolor artist after all.

Now go on, put that brush in your hand, tap those silver rings like castanets and flamenco all over the pages of this journal.
Bravo! ¡Olé!
  • Stylish and Sturdy 
    • Limited Edition, Colorfully-Patterned Cotton-Bound Covers
    • Hand bound & hand cut
    • Hand glued with acid-free Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive - PVA (polyvinyl acetate)
  • Perfect Packability 
    • 6 in. x 9 in. Size Slips right into any kit.
  • Cool, Crisp, Cotton Watercolor Paper
    • Acid-Free, Cold Pressed 100% Cotton Paper
    • 24 Sheets of pre-punched 140lb paper by Stonehenge Aqua
  • Remove, Reload, Reshuffle
    • Detachable Aluminum Disc-Binding with Pre-punched watercolor sheets.
    • Refillable paper varieties
    • Organize all your best sketches
    • Remove all your sub-par sketches


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