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Wild Plein Watercolor Journal Discbound - Adventurers 6x9" Sketchbook - Carribbean Dusk

Caribbean Dusk - 6x9" Gold - Disc-Bound Adventurers Watercolor Journal

A warm breeze through the palms as it moves slowly back over the ocean. When dusk turns to starlight and everything feels just right.

As you walk your eyes through each layer in the sky: soft yellow, then orange, then red, then quinacridone magenta, then black.

(Whoa, wait... quinacridone what? This watercolor is starting to seep into the brain.)

Every Adventurer needs that perfect trip to a tropical oceanfront... but don't forget your sketchbook.

Faint green shadows peaking towards the moon.Glints of gold light wash over the calm water as you prepare for the night.

There is something very powerful and calming about this combination.

But you're centered in mind and body... and ready to paint!
  • Stylish and Sturdy 
    • Limited Edition, Colorfully-Patterned Cotton-Bound Covers
    • Hand-bound & hand cut
    • Hand-glued with acid-free Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive - PVA (polyvinyl acetate)
  • Perfect Packability 
    • 6 in. x 9 in. Size Slips right into any kit.
  • Cool, Crisp, Cotton Watercolor Paper
    • Acid-Free, Cold Pressed 100% Cotton Paper
    • 24 Sheets of pre-punched 140lb paper by Stonehenge Aqua
  • Remove, Reload, Reshuffle
    • Detachable Aluminum Disc-Binding with Pre-punched watercolor sheets.
    • Refillable paper varieties
    • Organize all your best sketches
    • Remove all your sub-par sketches

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