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Leeward Celebration - Adventurers 6x9" Watercolor Sketchbook


Leeward Celebration - 6x9" Gold - Disc-Bound Adventurers Watercolor Journal

The leeward side is where you want to be. The drier side, the sheltered side, protected from the wind.
And once you're there... it's time for a celebration. When the trade winds pass after they hit a mountain, you know the sky is clear and it's time to party. 
This journal has every bit of excitement with the sail motifs and the palm leaves flowing, the sun shining, and a reflection of every color you can imagine held together with gorgeous rose gold complementing rings. An aqua/turquoise interior speckled with the stars is the final element.
  • Stylish and Sturdy 
    • Limited Edition, Colorfully-Patterned, Hand-Dyed Batik, Cotton-Bound Covers
    • Hand bound & hand cut
    • Hand glued with acid-free Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive - PVA (polyvinyl acetate) & Methyl Cellulose for a long-lasting hold onto Unryu Rice Paper. 
  • Perfect Packability 
    • 6 in. x 9 in. Size Slips right into any kit.
  • Cool, Crisp, Cotton Watercolor Paper
    • Acid-Free, Cold Pressed 100% Cotton Paper
    • 24 Sheets of pre-punched 140lb paper by Stonehenge Aqua
  • Remove, Reload, Reshuffle
    • Detachable Aluminum Disc-Binding with Pre-punched watercolor sheets.
    • Refillable paper varieties
    • Organize all your best sketches
    • Remove all your sub-par sketches

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Lee Baker
Celebrating Color and Tools!

This watercolor sketchbook is beautiful and will be a joy to use! Thank you!