The Finest Travel watercolor sketchbook

(Well at least that's what our mother's tell us!)

You don't have to be a 🧑‍🎨 professional artist 👨🏽‍🎨 to be able to draw or paint or sketch.

This is not about being a professional artist. 

It's about making a 48-Day Promise to stick with painting 🥕🐴

  • It's about understanding the artist tools (🎨 🖌️ 📒) that will put you on the path to success, rather than suffering the trials of 🔥 blazing a new creative trail that could have been avoided.)
  • It's about knowing what 👌  quality means for watercolor tools, and where you can 💪  flex the rules once you have the basics down, so your painting 🤠 adventures will be the most forgiving.
  • It's about being inspired to create a ☑️☑️☑️ daily habit ☑️☑️☑️ and bring your art to the next level by proudly taking those painting tools everywhere you go, whenever you go.

48 days in a row

You will create your 🗺️ travel memories in watercolor!

You will commit to getting over that artistic 🐫 hump,

And paint even the mundane 🥱.

Between the three components that might make you a better artist:

    1. 🖌️ good quality watercolor brushes,
    2. 🎨 high quality pigmented watercolor paint, and
    3. 📒 high quality watercolor paper.

...if you could choose only one before the others,

👌📃 Quality watercolor paper will get you the farthest in your 🥾 journey to be a better travel sketcher.

Adventurers Series watercolor sketchbooks

Created to capture your painting, drawing, illustration, writing or sketches wherever you find inspiration.

To keep you painting watercolor everyday we've added 24 sheets (48 pages 😉 ) that you can paint effectively on both sides. Our watercolor journals come stock with 100% cotton, 🥶🙏 cold pressed 140lb paper weight watercolor paper.

 This thicker cotton watercolor paper has a better texture for 💧 wet-on-wet 💧 techniques and a more forgiving painting surface to 🏋️‍♂️ lift out color 🍭 when you create your artwork.

(Lesser sketchbooks may 💔 buckle and pill apart under such techniques.)

You also have the option to choose 24 sheets of 🥵🙏 hot pressed Stonehenge Aqua paper if you prefer more of a mixed media sketchbook style to crisply capture 📏 ✏️ pencil and 🖋️ pen drawings, or 🐙🖋️ ink & wash 🚿 for example.

Or if you're really looking for a surface that responds to a lot of water and locks in color, try thicker paper like the 300lb 🐃 cold press for a small bump in price.

This one little upgrade may make all the difference in some of the painting troubles you may have previously experienced.

(We've been there, we were surprised too!)


Traveling light comes with its advantages. 🎒 Packing small makes your artistic life 🎨 more accessible 🔓🔑.

Most people enjoy the 6x9" (A5 5-7/8 x 8-1/4") & 7x10" 📚 journals because they tuck into your pack easier, and more importantly they are quicker to retrieve 🪄🐇🎩 from your filled daypack. Grab the 💍 metal rings 💍 and slide your journal right out.

This travel size also helps you focus on the most important elements of a watercolor scene as well.

One of the overwhelming aspects of a larger surface is knowing how to 🪗🖼️condense a scene and choose your subject or composition wisely.

When you travel and try to paint a large scene, it may require a lot of ⏳ time ⌛that your fellow 🙃 🤪 🤔 😒 🤬 adventurers may not have the patience for.

Working small 🤏 :

  • helps you capture the most important elements quickly
  • lay down pigment quickly (and, worst case scenario
  • you can finish quickly at another point in the day.)

Are you ready for the 48-day Promise? Keep reading.


Wild Plein journals use top quality materials that are 👖 rugged, but 💃 refined to bring anywhere.

Wrapped in a distinct colorful 🌈 cotton pattern backed with traditional Japanese Unryu 🌾 rice paper 📃 made with a bookbinding book cloth method using acid-free pH balanced glues and finished with stylish & durable 🏮 end sheets on the interior...

We bring to you a heavy duty, yet flexible cover made from an honorable base of ♻️ recycled cardboard 📦 ready to explore a 🌴🦍 jungle or lay ceremoniously on cocktail table at a majestic 🏰 hotel.

Whewww we know... it's mouthful 😮, but now you know your ingredients and how serious 🤔 💡 we are about journal making!


The discbound ring system 💍💍💍 was the perfect answer to reducing waste and saving space in our own lives. We found traditional book bound journals limiting because when you 📖 finish a watercolor book 📕, then what?

Take a 📸photo of the art 🖼️ and just put it on the shelf?

That's why we pursued the high quality, durable aluminum rings you'll find in your new sketchbook.

And best yet it's ♲ reusable!

Locking 🔒 tabs cut into the paper, let you ⬇️ remove, 🔀 reshuffle, and 🔄 replace any or all of the sheets making it one of the most accessible watercolor tools in the world.

  • Have a painting admirer 😙 --> Give a quick art gift 🤝 to this special patron on the fly.
  • Want to travel lighter 🚀 --> Empty 🗒️ half the journal before you launch and work with what you have time for.
  • Disgusted 🤮 by an art piece that's not working out --> Pull it and 🚮 trash it. Addio! Arrivederci!
  • Finished your 48 pages 🤜 --> 🤛 Well let's get you restocked 🛍️!


You can pick up a ♾️📃 refill watercolor paper stack in CP, HP, 300lb, or Arches and you're ready to keep on using your beautiful journal.

(We've done our best to competitively 📈💰📉 price match a new journal or paper from or

But we understand... a good deal is a good deal. Go check, we'll wait. ⏱️

Unless you're buying a ton of watercolor paper;

by the time you get it, cut it up, punch the holes, half the day is gone...

we know you'd rather just be painting.

Plus paper isn't the only watercolor supply you'll need.)

And, honestly, if you really want to be self reliant buy a Staples Arc punch 👊

and you can add any paper you fancy, any time you want.

(They're all over eBay at a steal.)

HOWEVER --> If you make the 48-day Promise, we have a special incentive just for you! (keep scrolling)

 Grab your watercolors 🎨, gouache, 🖌️ brushes, ✏️ pencils, 🧹 erasers, ✏️ pens and 🐙 ink, 🚰 water bottle, 🧢 hat and 👓 sunglasses 

(You know your paint kit!) 

and venture off ✈️ on a trip to 🗺️ explore

a 👨‍🎤 creative life 👩‍🎤 like true artists 👨‍🎨 and 👩‍🎨 painters!

You'll have one of the most important 📒 watercolor components already in ✌️ hand 🙌.


Remember: Don't take a 💥📸 photo, create a 🧠 memory in watercolor 🖼️ !


Ps. Feel free to check out our blog for more photos and watercolor ideas from painters and urban sketchers that we follow religiously.

⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️    Well aren't you a quick study!

🏆 You've made it here, so let's get you that reward you deserve so much.🏆

✋ Pledge to make the 48-day ☝️ Promise to Paint 48 sketches, paintings, illustrations, (scribbles?)

And we will make an honest 🔐 commitment to you for being a dedicated artist.

Just enter your info below and make the pledge. ✋

And we will ship you, your next watercolor paper refill. 🚀 📃 📦

🆓 Free, 🆓 Nothing, 🆓 Nada, 🆓 You pay nothing extra.

Just make this 🔐 commitment to yourself and 📧 share your journey 🗺️ along the way.

Whether daily or weekly, it's up to you if you're shy, but we do want to see a completed journal in 48 days from your start date.

We will mail you your choice of Cold or Hold Press Stonehenge Aqua watercolor paper refill.

Because that is ✨🔥our mission 🔥✨.

To wake up everyday ⏰ and inspire you to ♾️ keep on painting 🎨

Are you ready?!!

Make the 48-Day Promise

Choose your new journal and add your refill paper selection.

Enter your code at checkout and you're committed!

  • Just follow through with your 48 days of painting/sketching
  • Let us know how you're coming along 
  • Tag us at #wildpleinart or email to, and 
  • We ship your Refill pack right in time for your finish! 

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